Creating Solutions

SG Venture Consulting looks at Corporate Social Responsibilities as an important aspect of our company.  However, we do not look at our CRS as simply charity but more of sustainable community development through capacity building.  Thus a developmental approach towards CSR and focuses a lot on training volunteers to effective designing relevant initiatives to impact the communities at where they are.

In our over 20 years of working with community, we have observe the social services institutional model is not effective in solving the community issues and also too costly, and often will be turned into an industry by unscrupulous people.  Social services should never become an industry!  It should become an embedded value of empathy in the hearts of everyone to co-create solutions to help those in need.  We see great wisdom in mobilising volunteers in each block to serve those in their blocks than to have so many charity organisation who are paying rent and salary instead of using the fund for creating solutions.

Our Cattle-Of-Hope project which is a revolving fund micro-enterprise using a cooperative model was a success helping over 200 households involving over a thousand individuals.  The project was such a success that China’s Central government later allocated 3000 cattle to the region to alleviate poverty.  The project was successful in helping the households out from poverty through increasing the value of their land through cattle rearing.

We also have over 1000 undergraduates volunteers whom we trained on the sustainable community development approach so that they can help their own villages in the development.  Each year, the volunteers generated over 40 projects to serve the communities in Kunming city, Yunnan, China.  The students were from 8 universities.

Capacity Building

Rural Development Projects

Rural Development Projects

Relationship Building Across Ethnic Groups