Aspiring Certified Consultant

Do you aspire to become a Singapore Certified Consultant?

We provide you with the training and templates which you need to prepare yourself to get certified with TUV-SUD.  The Certification fee will be paid directly to TUV-SUD.

What we offer is the training of the 5 Modules you will need to learn and take the examination.  You will also need to fill up a log of your 1000 hours consulting time.  Upon submitting the Consulting log and passing the examination, you will be called for an interview by TUV-SUD to finalise the whole certification process.

The Workshop fee we charge for the training is : $3000

It will be a 2 full days training and you will need to bring along your laptop for the entry.  A Workshop booklet will be given.

For those who do not have the 1000 hours, you can also take on the training and accumulate your consulting hours with companies you are helping.

Note : We will conduct the workshop only if we have at least 4 trainees.



Consultant Toolkit

With the fast changing landscape in the industry, many people are going through challenges getting a normal salaried paid job, and many are moving into consulting gig.  The GIG industry is growing at a very fast speed and will make up of over 50% of the economy.

If you have a Skills-Set which you help others or companies, you are ready to be a consultant.  However, to be effective in consulting, you will be a whole lists of Consulting Tools.

We will be conducting the Consultant Toolkit training which is actually a workshop and mentoring programme for those aspiring consultants.  You can even apply for the Aspiring Certified Consultant course upon completion at a special discount fee!

The workshop is once a week half day session for 3 weeks.  A pdf book will be given.  There will be assignment for you to put what you learned into practice.  you can even use the course to learned  and then start your own business!  Trainees can continue to meetup with us for assistance after the training for 6 months period; maximum of 4 X 1 hr meetup or 6 emails correspondence.

The fee is only $3000

Note : We will conduct the workshop only if we have at least 4 trainees.

Web Design Fast Track Course

Many people know that getting a website up and running is critical for today’s world.  Whether you are doing personal branding or running a company.  However, designing a website is actually quite easy, but the main problem is creating the graphics and curating the contents.

Course Take-Away : Complete a Standard website

In this workshop, you will learn : 

1. Understand the essential knowledge of website; eg. domain name, hosting server, SSL, etc.

2. Understand about the types of website and which one suits your purpose

3. Craft out your website layout and framework

4. Essential Graphic Designing skills so that you can create the many graphics needed for your website.

5. Curate your content

6. Putting everything together

The course will be 3 half-day session once a week, so that you have time to digest and play around with your website creation.

The fee for the 3 half-day workshop is : $1500 but you will need to sign up for your own domain and web hosting which will cost around another $200++ per year fee for the domain and hosting company.

Many of the courses conducted simply try to dump everything to the trainee and many ended up not accomplishing much.  It is vital trainees who sign up already have an objective to get his website up and running to benefit from the training.

Note : We will conduct the workshop only if we have at least 4 trainees.

INFO Product Creation Workshop

INFO Product is a way of you getting your knowledge to others and building up your fans or customers base.

Many people have the dream of writing their book or create a course, but after years, they never seems to get anything going.

Course Take-Away : Complete an INFO Product in 30 days!

In this workshop, you will learn : 

1. Discover more about your NICHE

2. Product Research

3. Getting your INFO Product framework ready

4. Fast Track Curating Techniques

5. Compilation

6. Understand about Product Matrix; meeting different learning styles needs and how to create them.

7. Fast Track Publishing

The course will be 4 half-day session once a week, so that you have time to digest and get whatever unfinished stuff completed.

The fee for the 4 half-day workshop is : $1500 only.

The fee will include a Cover page designed for you so that you just have to focus on your product creation.  Our desire is to see you complete your INFO Product in 30 days!  You can use the skills you have learned to create more INFO Products.

Note : We will conduct the workshop only if we have at least 4 trainees.